Individuals and Small Businesses are at disadvantage when dealing with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) as they do not have the resources and time to deal with a government organization like CRA.  Be it the dreaded tax audit; appealing a tax audit; fighting CRA over a tax debt; denied benefits (ex. Disability, Child Tax Benefit, etc…) I am here to help you.

Having spent 23 years at CRA in the Audit and Collections Departments, I know how CRA operates and how to get results.  I can confirm your interests and CRA’s interests are often not the same.

You might be asking why use Highbury Tax Solutions over my accountant?  The answer is simple, most accountants are not familiar with CRA policies and procedures and the motives on what drives CRA to take the action it does.

I also have experience in running a small business, so I know the frustrations small businesses have in complying with all the complex rules and regulations and the time and money it takes.  In other words, I have worked both sides of the fence.

If I cannot help you I will try to guide you to someone who can.  I work with a network of accountants and lawyers who I can personally recommend.  For example, if you are being criminally investigated by CRA I can refer you to a tax lawyer.