• Audits – Income Tax (T1 and T2) Audits ; GST Audits and Payroll Audits

    Audits are complex, and what you say to the CRA during an audit is important.  Giving the wrong information or making the wrong statement to a CRA Officer can be very costly in that the Officer will use your own documents and words against you when reassessing your tax returns.  We will make sure you only provide CRA with the information you are required to.

  • Notices of Objection – Income Tax Audits, GST Audits and Payroll Audits

    Just because CRA has audited you and reassessed your return does not mean they have done it correctly.  Let us review your reassessment to confirm if it was done correctly.  CRA Auditors are driven to generate income and complete audits in set time frames, and more often than not it results in reassessments that are incorrect.

  • Tax Debt – Income Tax, GST, and Payroll

    Let us review your tax debt and confirm if you truly owe what CRA is demanding.  We can also advise you the best way to pay your debt and confirm if CRA is within their rights for the actions they are taking to collect on the debt.

  • Unfiled Returns

    Often CRA will arbitrarily / notionally assess individuals and businesses when they do not file returns and then take aggressive actions on collecting the fake debt.  When can help you get filed up to date and confirm what taxes you actually owe.

  • Tax Credits / Benefits

    Denied disability benefits, child tax benefits, etc….  Call us to see if we can help.

  • Taxpayer Relief

    CRA tax debts can be crippling with interest and penalties.  You may be eligible for relief.  Let us review your situation to see if any Taxpayer Relief provision apply to you.

  • Tax Court

    If you disagree with CRA’s decision regarding your Notice of Objection, you can still appeal to the Tax Court of Canada. We can provide guidance on what your options are and whether you will need the services of a lawyer.