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Being audited can be an intimidating experience. If you are being audited, this is the first opportunity for Highbury Tax $olutions to help you resolve your tax dispute with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

Tax disputes are stressful – let us help. Tell us about your tax problem and Highbury Tax $olutions will contact you to arrange for a free initial consultation.

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Taxpayer Relief

CRA auditors make taxpayers feel defensive and vulnerable. Having intimate knowledge about the process, gained from working at CRA, Highbury Tax $olutions will advise you what to expect and protect your rights throughout the income tax audit process.

The auditor’s job is to assess tax, not to protect your interests. In fact, the amount of tax revenues brought in from each audit is carefully monitored by CRA and is used to assess the effectiveness of auditors.  As a result, you may clash with the auditor.

Using our tax expertise, we can minimize your dealings with the auditor and hopefully lower your stress level so you can focus on other things (like trying to run your business or working at your job!). Leave the stress of dealing with the auditor to us.

Trained Tax Professionals for Tax Audit Help

Dealing with CRA by yourself may prolong the audit and/or result in unwarranted tax assessments or penalties.

CRA auditors will ask for you to provide information, documentation and to answer questions in writing when it comes to the income tax audit. That information forms the basis for any tax reassessment. Understanding what documentation and information you must provide and carefully considering your answers to any questions can help you start the process on stronger footing.

Highbury Tax $olutions will review relevant documentation and assist you in preparing answers to questions. Additionally, our tax experts will prepare written submissions supporting and defending your position on all tax issues.

Talk to our tax experts for tax audit help and ensure that you start the tax dispute process in the most effective manner possible. If you want a quick and efficient resolution to the income tax audit – get help from the tax experts at Highbury Tax $olutions.  We are not your average accountant!